Mockingbird Improv’s mission is to provide connection, joy, and opportunities for self-expression to the local community. We serve all parts of our community including youth and underserved individuals by engaging in high-quality training and performances and providing a supportive and empowering space for fun, silliness and growth through equitable, diverse and inclusive practices. Through our programs performers, patrons, and students can express creativity, build confidence, and cultivate joy through laughter and play.

The Theater Administrator is a key staff position that focuses on the daily running of the theater as both a performance and educational space. It is an office manager / theater manager / admin assistant role. Loving the mission of the company and improv theater, itself is a big plus but not totally necessary.


  • Office administration experience
  • Degree of experience with Arts-related nonprofits
  • Proficiency with Google Docs
  • Good communication and writing skills
  • Ability to maintain calm during minor crises
  • Good time management skills

All Staff Responsibilities (the following are tasks that all staff will complete – broken down by individual who is responsible for the corresponding project)

  • Enter receipts for items purchased
  • Attend team meetings and additional meetings as needed
  • Continually pursuing improvements through recommendations and strategization
  • Keeping up with internal emails / communication
  • Maintenance of related documents and drive organization
  • Calendar maintenance for your domain 
  • Communicate to cast / host / show director as is relevant
  • Recruit volunteers for your projects as needed

Role Responsibilities

  • Manage shows, classes, and other events on ticket tailor and update website with current show schedule, including main page carousel, making corrections as needed. 
  • Purchase Ticket Tailor credits as needed
  • Respond to google reviews as needed
  • Input events to online calendars
  • Management of physical theater space including repairs as needed, cleaning and organizing, improvements (delegation of work where appropriate – recruit and organize volunteers)
  • Manage tech procedures and equipment management (including roster of trained tech volunteers and/or facilitation of training)
  • Respond to customer inquiries through the [email protected] mailbox and phone line
  • Monitor and respond to physical suggestion box.
  • Correspond with individual patrons regarding vouchers, free tickets, changes, etc
  • Stocking of theater general supplies (cleaning supplies, office supplies, etc)
  • Interior design of lounge and theater space
  • Administrator on all utilities and subscription accounts: ticket tailor, square, squarespace, discord, wave, social medias, google workspace, stripe, At&T
  • Concessions stocking (tracking and acquisition)
  • Management of Front of House; working with show directors to assign assistance, developing procedures, and making improvements as needed
  • Key loan and lockbox management
  • Manage and schedule ancillary spaces
  • Renting out of Mockingbird space
  • Check physical mailbox
  • Planning and coordination for First Friday and assisting with other special marketing projects
  • Planning and coordination of Indie Night
  • Assist with fundraising initiatives such as creation and distribution of donor thank you letters.
  • Assist Treasurer with financial management
  • Pay all taxes and file necessary reports
  • Assist Artistic Director with cast and show management

Time commitment

Approximate hourly workload: 20 – 25 hrs/wk

Reports To / Works with

Assist all staff with projects as needed. Meeting on a weekly basis with other members of the staff to sync projects and efforts plus ongoing communication with show directors, cast and patrons.



To apply, candidates should send a resume of relevant experiences and a letter of interest to [email protected]