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The San Diego Performing Arts League is happy to announce that All Cities Auditions were held on May 20, 2019.  Auditors are Artistic Directors, Artistic Staff, Casting Directors, Agents and Managers Рthe people in San Diego that look for talent will be in the room Рyou should be there too!

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***IMPORTANT NOTE***The auditions are only open to current members of the Performing Arts League.  To join, or re-join the League, click the button below!

Important Information for All Cities Auditions

If you are considering requesting a time slot for the All Cities Auditions, or have already requested your time slot, here is the important information you need to know.

What Can I Do at the All Cities Auditions?

The All Cities Auditions are meant to help you showcase your best skills as a performer. While in the past, submissions have been limited to monologues and singing, this year the talent will also have the option of performing a two-person scene, or a dance routine. Be sure to select your performance intentions when requesting a time slot, as this will inform your audition time slot.